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Monday, September 15

I read this interesting article yesterday in Campaigns and Elections magazine (sorry no link), by one of my professors, about the trend toward the Republican party by people under 30. Turns out, there are more Republicans, aged 18-29 and 30-40 then there are aged 50-60. In fact, the 50-60 age group is the one place where there are many less Republicans than Democrats.

The article doesn't mention 9/11, which, in my humble-just started my Masters program-opinion, is the main reason for the shift rightward among people in their 20's. Our parents (well, not my parents, but parents born in the US) had a break from history. There were no attacks on American soil in their lifetime. They don't understand the unfortunate necessity of war, especially when provoked to it. I think young people were shook by 9/11 in a way that older people weren't. The Republican party has a reputation of being realistic, and lately hawkish, and this appeals to many younger people who watched symbolic retaliations throughout the 90's and felt that they weren't enough.

With all of this in mind, I direct you to the New York Young Republican Club blog which lists right-leaning events in NYC. I've been more motivated lately to meet new people and attend more events and it's been really great. I've met a bunch of interesting people through the meetup site that aren't part of the established rightwing 'scene' in NY. This is the only way to grow the party and affect changes that we'd like to see. Get out there, meet people, vent about all the liberals in your life, be organized for 2004, have a good time. This doesn't only apply to New Yorkers. There are Bush2004 and Republican party meetups going on around the country. If there is not one going on near you, email me and I'll tell you some ways to start one and attract people to it.

This matters to me. I've thought many times about how I would've felt post-9/11 if Gore had been president. 'Terrified' springs to mind. Don't like the thought of a Dean presidency? Get involved.
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