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Spot on

Tuesday, September 16

Jonah Goldberg is tired of hearing about how America has 'blown it':

But the most obvious evidence that the Arab world is a mess is that they are the ones who have been blowing it since 9/11.

If I try my best to convince a homeless drug addict to get help, I may fail in my efforts to help the guy. But, if I do fail, who really blew it? If I come to him with a ham sandwich and a cup of coffee, in the hopes of persuading him to get cleaned up so I can give him a job and a fresh start and he freaks out that I'm a Cannibalistic Human Corpse Disemboweler (a relative of CHUDs no doubt) and runs away, sure you could say that I blew it. But surely he blew it worse. I can go home to my nice house. He goes home to squalor. And, should the man ever come to his senses, he'd agree that his mistake was far greater than mine.

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